Brandi, New York Fashion Week, and Intraceuticals

The gorgeous NYC based fashion designer, Yigal Azrouel. Photo from web.

Yigal is pretty hot and so are his clothes and models. Brandi Hardin, owner of Esthetiques Skin Spa in Brookhaven Circle, is an area expert on Intraceuticals skincare and was lucky enough to be backstage at the Yigal show this past NYFW. She was applying the Intraceuticals Oxygen Faceleift to the tender young models before they hit the runway. To see video of that super cool experience (and Yigal got one too), click here. 

It is also impressive to note that Brandi provided the same backstage model service for NYFW veteran, Betsey Johnson. 

I got to have a lovely treatment myself serviced by Brandi. Tragically, Botox no longer works on me ... so, I was ready to try this facial as a potential alternative. I have to say, this treatment is waaaay more relaxing than having numbing cream and needles in my face but I knew the results wouldn't be as drastic as with Botox. No worries because I was kinda getting tired of shooting myself up. Brandi is super sweet and she got to hang out with Yigal and Betsey so I was ready to have her work her magic on me.

Here is a still shot from the video of Brandi backstage at New York Fashion Week applying the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facelift at Yigal's show. Isn't she adorbs?

I found my Zen on Brandi's treatment lounger/bed and wrapped myself up in layers of cozy blankets. After deep cleansing, Brandi simultaneously infused my skin with moisture, vitamins, and anti-oxidants that was soothing and calming all via a wand that seemed to administer everything through sweet smelling air-pure magic. She additionally pumped in collagen that made my skin feel plump but not look bloated. Another tender layer of TLC with a heavenly facial massage of some sort was the proverbial cherry. Cleverly, she did all of this to one side of my face so I could see the difference in a mirror halfway through — instantly, I noticed not only a glow ... but my eyebrows were visibly lifted and my complexion looked like it loved me. On the untouched side, I noticed how tiiiired I looked. I mean, old lady looking tired. Haggard compared to the new me. She finished up the other side of my face and it was happy times for my visage. All afternoon I was so thrilled to have supreme-looking skin that it just me feel better AND this is a facial that helps makeup stay on so it's perfect right before an event wether it's a black tie gala or a courtside basketball game. In my case, I went home and made dinner for the fam. The morning after, my skin still looked awesome and for some reason, Scarlett O'Hara came to mind in that scene from Gone With The Wind. You know the one. That's how great my skin looked the next day.

That's me wrapped up in a towel moments after my delish facial. Brandi, a miracle worker, to my left. This treatment is ideal right before an event but if I want more continuous results, I can easily get a package for weekly or bi-weekly treatments that will keep the magic glow and lift results. Honestly, I don't mind looking my age — I just don't want to look tired, even if I am. This treatment is perfect for me because I don't end up looking all jacked from injections (which don't even work on me anymore) AND my skin glows for days aferwards. Don't get me wrong — I "heart" Botox — it just doesn't "heart" me. The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial at Esthetiques is now a part of my routine. For more info, check out

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