TBT: The Best Time Of Year

Lee Googe, Me, and Kellie Clements rockin' out to The North Mississippi Allstars at BSMF '12.

Chip Googe

It's May. Those two words have magical meaning here in Memphis and we have rightfully earned the status of near-global domination when it comes to fun times in the Bluff City as the moon and Earth spin around each other this time of year. The global part is that we actually honor an international country during the month of May guised under not so international events like Beale Street Music Fest. The biggest party of the year sits magestically in Tom Lee Park overlooking the multi-faceted and churning river. MusicFest is not just one genre as it celebrates Blues, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and Electronica — perfect. I don't like it when things get predictable —bo-riiiing. The music mix keeps me interested and this year's rare sunny forecast is going to make it an epic experience. Past events have been so much fun even with torrential hail and tornado evacuations — I love a challenge. So the fact that we are going to have a mild weekend in store seems surreal but I'll take three gorgeous days on the river with friends and great tunes. And for the naysayers who are lamenting about a lame lineup: Hush Your Tails! There's plenty of ear jam going on that will be worth the ticket price and sunshine. I'll be tooling around with my 1970s Nikon FM and the photos, once developed, will be posted next week. I Have No Idea what I'm doing with that tricky little mechanical device, but it feels good in my hands and that camera presents another challenge I'm looking forward to. Those photos will be posted under StyleWatch as my other moniker dedicated to this somewhat hobby: Girl On Film. And as they say in Panama, this year's honored country, "Salud" to the memories old and new at BSMF.

The other more recently glorious aspect to May is the Grizzlies' annual run in the PlayOffs. Who doesn't love the profuse energy spewing from the GrindHouse when there's a potential OT? The fact that our team churns out wins like a pitbull with a porkchop makes the victory ugly but hard-earned and really well appreciated. The Grizz have taught me at least, that winning feels better when it doesn't come easily or prettily. I like the beautiful plays and perfect shots but I also love the sweat and the scratches that come with those executions. Our team is tight and they have a way of making fans feel like they are winning these games Just For Us. Like every time. Cheers to making more tremendous PlayOffs memories in the years to come. A great by product of the PlayOffs is all of the homegrown custom T-shirts that artists are making and fans are snatching up and wearing with total Grizz pride. Head over to Sache, Hoot & Louise, and Baer's Den for yours. I'll be shooting awesome custom Grizz shirts at BSMF too so put your best one on to come boogie on the bluffs. And don't forget your headband.

PlayOffs + Memphis in May = The Best Time Of The Year. It's Grit n Grind ... It's Soul n Shine ... It's Our Time.

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