June 2014

Style Watch

Looking Good in Memphis

Testing Out Summer Beauty Trends

For the ultimate in skin and hair care, go to Memphis’ Ultimate Beauty Experts.


The Search Continues: 2014 “Memphis Flyer” Open Casting Call at the Peabody Rooftop Parties

The model search continues at the Peabody rooftop parties!


Behind the Scenes of the Men’s Fashion Shoot Starring James Whitten


Deteriorating Beauty: The Sears Crosstown Building

Sneaking into the old Sears Crosstown building for a guided tour with media folks before construction begins was loads of good, clean fun. It was worth the asbestos ingestion.


2014 Memphis Flyer Open Casting Call at the Peabody Rooftop Parties

Memphians strike a pose on the Peabody rooftop!


The Memphis Flyer hits a milestone with Fireball shots and a cooler full of beer.

The Flyer turned 25 and for a short-lived afternoon, I got to act its age.