My Obsessions This Week — Studio 54

Studio 54 memorabilia will be auctioned this Saturday through Palm Beach Modern Auctions, which of course has led me to obsess over those magical nights ripe with American fashion and style. 

Fashion designer Halston gettin' crunk with his crew — check out Bianca Jagger in her hooded Halston dress. She's the one making a silly face, BTW.

It is fabled that one New Year's Eve party dumped 4 TONS of glitter throughout the night — pure heaven. This makes me dream of glitter manicures that are so hot right now.

I just got my own glitter manicure from Jackie at Pavo Salon — love her! 

My *new* vintage Chanel earrings might have actually been in the dance floor one night at Studio 54. Today, they will be reincarnated via dinner parties, music festivals, even carpool.  

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