The Power of the Purse

Satchels by Kate Spade at the new Kate Spade boutique in Saddle Creek.

The only thing better than Chanel is vintage Chanel! This faded denim bag available at James Davis.

There are few accessories that a woman can own that are more functional than a purse. However, this is also the one power accessory that shows the world who she really is or wants to be. Forget about the designer sunglasses or the stacked platform ankle boots. If a woman wants to portray status, it’s in the bag. I know many chic ladies here in town that put a lot of thought into what purse they are going to carry — and many of these bags travel safely over a woman’s left shoulder for many consecutive months. My purses are part of my family and I often name them — there’s my giant orange striped and camel canvas Gucci shopper named JLo, my classic black patent quilted leather 2.55 Chanel named Coco, my black mini fringed suede Yves Saint Laurent named Cher … I know it’s crazy but I love them almost as much as my own children and some days even more.  

As a stylist, I have spent countless hours culling over purses for my clients and I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite projects. This holiday season, I have been out and about searching for purses for many wish lists, and I’m sharing a few of the very best that are available here in Memphis.

Set of two purses from Urban Outfitters.

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