Clean Up Day at the “Memphis Flyer” ... or, How the “Flyer” Cleans Up

Shaina Michelle

I hate to clean anything up. So, it’s a good thing I was largely unaffected by the Memphis Flyer’s somewhat annual Clean Up Day. In theory, this mega event sounds daunting ... wear “cleaning clothes” (um, what’s that?), and get ready to throw out trash items, dust, and organize your workspace. Of course, the genius lord rulers at the Flyer know that coralling a creative bunch into such a mundane task has to be all wrapped up in a really pretty package ... for Flyer staff that means a PARTY. So, the prize for (behaving) cleaning up was an afternoon spent with comrades enjoying the lanes at Billy Hardwick’s. 

I usually don’t mind rolling up my vintage YSL blouse sleeves and performing the hard work, but I don’t have a workspace at the office so I skipped the Clean Up part and met my work amigos at the bowling alley where they had taken over several lanes and were already equipped with Flyer party essentials ... beer & pizza. I brought my own boys who were enjoying the last few days of Summer Vacay and they indulged in some of the finest greasy grilled cheese sandwiches known to man and an endless supply of Dr Pepper and lemonade. They hopped right in with the elders and bowled away. Those of you who know mis lindos hijos know how tricky immersing them into newish situations can be ... they were bribed with promises of new video game apps upon entry. Turns out, the false promise was unnecessary and they had a blast. 

Bad shoes always pain me, and iconic bowling ones are particularly afflictive. But, there was no choice in the matter, so I had to persecute my boys into wearing the squishy and warm requirements. They reluctantly took off their supa freshhhhh Nikes and tied on the bowling shoes. I kinda liked to see them squirm with nausea as they put them on. It was gratifying, actually. Once in place, the boys rallied as they perfected their gutter ball techniques. And, interesting to mention that they both ended up thinking Billy Hardwick’s is the coolest place evah and were slightly disheartened when I told them the whole place was about to go under a massive reno. Keeping fingers crossed that they roll a strike on the new decor. 

Cleaning Up is always fun with the Flyer crew and one of the best qualities about my work fam is that they happily mix with my own little Latinos. Good Clean Fun. 

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