Madewell Store Opening

Colors and denim harmonize perfectly in the Madewell lifestyle.

Madewell opened its doors in Tennessee in Saddle Creek last Tuesday. Known for it's high quality denim, this is the store for the gal who craves effortless chic in her life. Easy for a young girl but great for moms too who want to look pulled together in familiar fabrics with tailored details. Also-they have the BEST denim cut offs.  

 Here's the Madewell uniform per se: super soft t's with denim cut offs...all in every color. 

Here's a tote that I'm totally consumed with...

...and easy, colorful belts.

Aside from the obvious, the *other* best part about the Madewell opening was getting to meet so many other local fashion bloggers. Such a cool little community of young, bright, and stylish women converged and then wrote all about it in their own singular are a few links to other fashion blogs you may enjoy:  Elise Jacobs of PennyWeight is one of the superstars of the fashion/lifestyle bogging world and she came from Nashville to celebrate with us. All of these blogs are created by some of the coolest young gals around. 

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