Top-10 Reasons for Shopping at Superlo Foods

What makes Las Delicias guacamole so wonderful? Avocados, lime juice, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos.

Justin Fox Burks

How much do I love Superlo Foods in East Memphis? Let me count down the ways:


10. Superlo is located so close to my house that Tony rides his bike there to shop.

9. I can stop by  The Wine Market without moving my car. (New favorite $11 bottle: a red blend from California called Fleur de Lyeth.)

8. The security guard bags groceries when the store gets busy.

7. Cigarettes are so cheap that I wish I was still a smoker.

6. The produce guys grab new lettuce from the back if the head is I want is looking a little wilted.

5. I save at least $10 a bag for groceries compared to Kroger.

4. The store's great prices extend to its excellent selection of beer, including a six-pack of Peroni for $7.99.

3. Superlo has many of the specialty and organic groceries I need, including Fage Greek yogurt and San Marzano tomatoes, crushed, diced or whole.

2. Santitas white corn chips ($1.88) and house-made salsa are a fresh and delicious companion to the number one reason I love Superlo Foods:

1. The stellar (and locally made) guacamole from Las Delicias stacked in the deli case. I'm working my way through the second container this week.

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