Try Homemade Potato Chips at Holiday Deli & Ham

New addition to menu adds a nice cayenne kick.

The new chips at Holiday Deli, available packaged or as sides, come in plain and seasoned varieties.

Before heading to Ole Miss for Saturday’s game against Louisiana State University, Elizabeth Duncan stopped by Holiday Deli & Ham Co. for tailgating provisions: ham, bread, pimento cheese, and a large bag of the restaurant’s new homemade chips. She praised the chips thick slices and crunchy snap.

“I love the chips, just like I love everything else in this restaurant,” Duncan said, heading out the door. “Now if they only had fried chicken, I wouldn’t have to make another stop.”

Available in two flavors, plain and seasoned, the chips are sold as sides to sandwiches and in small ($1.79) or large ($4.99) bags. Cooks start with frozen potato slices but deep fry the chips at the restaurant. For the seasoned variety, they toss chips with dried ranch dressing and Frank’s RedHot, the much-touted secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings from New York.

“We are always trying to add things to our menu,” said store manager Cari Laster, explaining the new item. “Our customers really seem to like them.”

I tried both flavors and like the seasoned chips best, thanks to the cayenne pepper’s subtle but still-spicy kick. The plain chips are quite good, as well, offering plenty of crunch without added salt.

Holiday Deli & Ham Co. operates five Mid-south locations, including a new restaurant in Horn Lake, Mississippi, which opened earlier this year.


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