Three Angels Diner: Lunch, Fried Chicken and Triple D

Justin Fox Burks

Three Angels Diner on Broad Avenue makes its television debut Monday at 9 p.m. on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, which is why I slipped in for lunch Saturday to beat the rush.

Business jumps so significantly for restaurants featured on Guy Fieri’s popular Food Network show that the phenomenon has a name. It’s called the Triple D effect.

Three Angels’ owners Jason and Rebecca Severs are prepared for the customer onslaught. “Guy and the production crew kept telling us to be ready,” Jason Severs explained by email. “They must have said it around 20 times.”


So what did Severs think of the Food Network superstar?


“Guy was a really sincere person,” Severs said. “He definitely has a camera persona, but off camera he was as everyday as you and me. He talked about his boys, art, music, tattoos. He was just a normal Joe.”


Since Severs hasn’t seen the episode yet, he doesn’t know who made the cut, but he and Rebecca were filmed, along with their children, staffers, and some regular customers. Severs made fried chicken for the episode, along with several of the diner’s outstanding vegetable sides.


I can’t pass up the restaurant’s greens, which I ordered Saturday along with a fried egg and cheddar cheese sandwich on thick slices of grilled bread. Both were outstanding. My friend Victoria opted for one of the day’s specials, a warm and satisfying bowl of vegetable soup with delicious potato dumplings.


2617 Broad Ave. (901-452-1111)

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