Superlo Foods Starts Selling Locally Made (and Good-Tasting) Sushi

Just when I thought there wasn't another reason for me to love Superlo more than I already do, I spotted this sign in large red and white letters: Fresh Sushi Available at Superlo Foods. I pulled immediately into a parking space.


Once inside, it didn't take long to find the new display of sushi at the back of the store showcasing black bottom boxes with delectable looking nigiri and rolls such as crunchy shrimp, California and Philadelphia. I typically don't buy seafood at Superlo, but the Sriracha Pea Roll for $7.79 changed my mind with no regret.


“What a lovely looking thing,” I muttered to myself, admiring the hefty roll with rice, tuna, imitation crab and cucumber topped with crunchy garlic-coated green peas and a drizzle of sauce made with (I think) chili oil, mayo and Sriracha. The roll was also garnished with wasabi and pickled ginger.


While I was deciding on a second choice, sushi chef Stan Pau introduced himself. He said he started offering sushi made fresh every day on Oct. 5. “California Roll is the most popular,” he said.


When I asked for his personal favorite, he suggested Hiang Ngai, a roll named after his company in Millington and made with rice, imitation crab, avocado, sesame seeds and tuna. I added the roll to my basket and ate it at home while I was unpacking groceries. It was delicious too.

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