Peppers and Sausage A La Mike Vaughan

My cousin Mike Vaughan is a master grill guy, plus he's the family's cook, which probably explains his recipe for sausage, peppers and onions. I've heard through the family grapevine that this recipe originally came from Mike's in-laws. Either way, it's a keeper and here's why: His sausage and peppers could be the easier and best tasting dish you will ever make.


It requires three ingredients. That's it. Yes, you have to slice the peppers and onions. Otherwise, there is nothing else to do except turn on the oven (no pre-heating necessary). The photo is the dish before it's cooked.


Mike makes the dish with all Italian sausage. I like to mix in some fancy chicken sausage, because I think all Italian makes the dish too greasy. Experiment and decide for yourself.


Mike Vaughan's Peppers and Sausage


Six sausage (two Italian and four chicken any type you like)

3 sliced onions (yellow and sweet)

6 or more sliced peppers (mixed)


Toss onions, peppers and sausage (don't slice the sausage) and pile in a large casserole. I typically use the bottom of my turkey roaster.


Cook in 375 degree oven for about a hour and a half. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes less. Toss every 30 minutes or so.


Serve on good hoagie rolls. If you have any left, freeze it. You'll be happy you did.


PS: You might want to increase the onions or the peppers, according to taste. They cook down a lot.

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