You Still Have Time to Vote! The Memphis Magazine Restaurant Poll Runs Through November

Because I write about food and review restaurants, I'm constantly asked this question: “So what's your favorite restaurant?” (If you want my answer, you might as well stop reading now.)


I'm less accustomed to the questions I got at the Booksellers at Laurelwood when I stopped by recently to check on orders for my new book, “The Food Lovers' Guide to Memphis.” When the sales associates figured out my connection to food, they kept hammering me with this: “What's the worst restaurant in Memphis? What's the worst service?”


I side-stepped the question. Do I look like Andy Wise? But I'm hoping those folks find their way to the Memphis magazine Readers' Restaurant Poll where readers select their best service, restaurant and chef, along with dozens of other restaurant-related categories. After all, the best way to avoid the worst is to head for the best, right?


So please click hear and tell us your opinion. Think of it like Tuesday's election: Your vote counts. And remember: Don't procrastinate, because the polls for the Memphis magazine Readers' Restaurant Poll close on November 30.

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