Try Memphis Marinades at Charlie's Meat Market

In the crowded field of meat marinades, barbecue maestro Jim Boland has managed to create something unique: a dry marinade in four different flavors for beef, chicken, lamb and pork.


Although they start out dry, these delicious concoctions - called Memphis Marinades - are not rubs or seasonings. Rather, they turn into marinades with the addition of one-quarter cup of water and five minutes of hydrating time.


“We added the bubble that says Just Add Water to clear up any confusion customers might have,” says Boland, who spent more than a decade perfecting the recipes in his own kitchen and in barbecue cooking competitions around the world.


At about $7 a jar, the marinades are affordable, easy to store and 100 percent natural. Even better, they taste great. A few weeks ago, Tony grilled a chicken and a London broil. Both were delicious, tender and juicy with a pleasing touch of citrus.


The citrus flavor comes from the limes, lemons and oranges included in marinade ingredients, Boland said. "More citrus means I can use less salt,” he explained.


If you’d like to sample the marinades yourself, Boland will be offering grilled marinated steak at Charlie’s Meat Market on Summer Avenue Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Charlie’s sells the marinades, as does Miss Cordelia’s Grocery in Harbor Town. The marinades also can be purchased from the Memphis Marinades website.

Memphis Marinades (

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