Ocean Pyramid To Go at Sekisui Pacific Rim

On the spur of the hungry moment, I stopped by SPR Monday night for an Ocean Pyramid to go. It was snowing. I didn't care.

I'd been thinking about the Ocean Pyramid for at least a week, and the dish didn't disappoint. To tell the truth, it was so beautiful I couldn't eat it out of it's Styrofoam packaging. I had to put it on a plate. From there, my meal kept getting better.

Ocean Pyramid is, for my tastes, the perfect dinner-to-go. It begins with a generous base of short-grain rice and thinly sliced avocado, then builds into an impressive pyramid of yellowtail tuna, bluefin tina, and salmon (all raw) topped with generous dollops of green and black caviar. Be still my heart.

Typically, I start eating the pyramid with chop sticks, selecting one lovely morsel of fish at a time. Then I give in and dump on the side of Ponzu sauce, which turns the Ocean Pyramid into a delectable mish-mash of protein and carb. By now, I need a fork.

I added a small house salad with fresh crab to my order, so my meal cost a total of $16. I think all this goodness was well worth the price, but don't wait for the next snowfall to see for yourself.
Sekisui Pacific Rim, 4724 Poplar (767-7770)

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