Need Help With Your Memorial Day Menu? Try Clint Cantwell's Stuffed Venison Burgers

Clint Cantwell

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, I woke up thinking about burgers, which led me to remember grill maestro Clint Cantwell and his recipe for Roquefort-stuffed venison burgers.


Admittedly, it’s a little tough to find venison this time of year unless it’s already in your freezer. (Friendly tip: Southern Meat Market does have about 10 pounds left over from deer season.) But Cantwell’s recipe offers more than meat, because he incorporates sophisticated elements that are easily applied to any burger concoction.


First, he stuffs the venison patties with Roquefort cheese crumbles. Next he dresses the burgers with balsamic-flavored ketchup and grilled Portobello mushrooms infused with truffle oil. And for the finale, he pulls the burger together with Brioche buns, split and toasted.


Are you hungry yet?


If so, check out Cantwell’s recipe on or on Smoke in Da Eye, where Cantwell shares recipes, videos, and related information from the competitive barbecue circuit. You can also find the venison burger online at The recipe was named one of 50 top-burger recipes along with such tempting creations as green chili burgers by Bobby Flay.

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