The Extraordinary Ruth Reichl On Healthy Eating, Food Politics and Her Friend’s Breast Cancer

For Christmas, my friend Victoria gave me three books by Ruth Reichl. She couldn’t believe that I had never read them. Neither could I, as I’ve followed Reichl’s career. As you probably know, Reichl was the food editor of The Los Angeles Times, the restaurant critic for The New York Times and the last editor of the now defunct Gourmet Magazine :(

In my blog scrolling today, I came across an interview with Reichl written by Peter Szymczak for the site  Reichl was in Seattle to give a keynote speech to the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center where she said things like this: “Cooking is much more than just a way to feed people. It's a community activity. It's an act of generosity. It is my personal belief that it is impossible to be a great chef unless you have a very large soul."

Now don’t you want to keep reading? If so, click here.  

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