Holiday Breakfast with Pepper Bacon from Newman Farm

Today is the farm-to-table celebration at Newman Farm, and since we are having to miss the party, Tony started our holiday by frying up a batch of the farm's fabulous pepper-crusted bacon. I know lots of folks in Memphis are crazy about Benton's bacon. And yes, I like it too, but it still falls short compared to the flavor of Newman's, at least for me.

So back to our Sunday breakfast. From bacon, Tony went on to pancakes, and somewhere in the mix had the inspired idea to slice a banana and toss the slices into a little bacon grease. Next he poured the pancakes on the griddle, added a few slices of the sauted banana, and folded the pancakes over like crepes. By the time my plate arrived to the table, he had garnished the pancakes with powdered sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup, a few blackberries and two strips of bacon.

The banana pancakes were absolutely delicious and reminded me yet again why so many people put a little bacon grease in cornbread. Maybe we'll try that tomorrow.

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