Celebrate Spring at Dinstuhl's Open House

Is anything more magical than Dinstuhl's at Easter? See for yourself today when the local stores hold their spring open house. Translation: free candy.

I stopped by Dinstuhl's in Laurelwood Shopping Center Saturday to marvel at the merchandising and I asked an employee what the open houses are all about. "Lots of free samples from noon to 4," she said, smiling. The Dinstuhl's in  Germantown and Dinstuhl's candy kitchen on Pleasant View Road also are hosting open houses today at the same time.

While I was waiting to check out (I still send my daughter Easter candy even though she's in college!), I learned a few things about Dinstuhl's candy from the sales associates. Chocolate covered strawberries arrive in time for Valentine's Day and stick around through the summer. Chocolate covered raspberries arrive in July followed by chocolate covered blackberries in August. Are you pumped up yet for summer? If not, here's another enticing fact.  Dinstuhl's fruit slices taste so delicious because they are made with real fruit juice, including the watermelon slices and the pink grapefruit (my favorite).

Dinstuhl's: 7730 Poplar (752-1110); 436 Grove Park (682-3373); Dinstuhl's Candy Kitchen: 5280 Pleasant View Road (377-2639).

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