Celebrating 68,267 Words At Sekisui Pacific Rim

Hiding underneath: Pan-seared lobster tails in Thai cream sauce.

This is a post about a personal best and what we ate to celebrate. On Sunday, I filed the final manuscript for my book titled The Food Lovers' Guide to Memphis. Total word count: 68,267. Trust me on this: That's a lot of words. I've been working on the book since mid-January, a tunnel focus friends, family and colleagues know all too well. Thank you for putting up with all my whining.


The book is a travel guide of sorts to restaurants, specialty markets and artisan purveyors. It has a nice local spin and is slated for a mid-November publication. It's already listed on amazon.com, and you can click here for a look.


Now on to our celebration meal. Tony, Anna and I headed for Sekisui Pacific Rim, which is near our house and has been a longtime spot for birthday dinners. I ordered lobster tails, an unusual move for me, but the bright red shells seemed appropriate for a special occasion. SPR's version is pan-seared with mandarin orange zest and roasted tomatoes and draped with a very nice Thai cream sauce. I liked how the rice was shaped like mini pyramids.


Anna ordered salmon, panko-crust with Asian spices and served with a ginger buerre blanc. Tony ate a salad and edamame because he didn't feel like a Teriyaki burger, the only thing he ever eats at SPR. Which brings me to a somewhat disappointing observation considering how much I've enjoyed eating at SPR over the years. It's time for a menu update. Although the restaurant's sushi continues to be excellent, the entrees at SPR desperately need an overhaul. So does the restaurant's techno theme. Next time, I'm sticking with Ocean Pyramid, an all-time favorite sushi stack of salmon, tuna, yellow tail and flying fish roe.

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