Vesica Vodka: It's Organic!

Liquor & Wine Depot on Mt. Moriah is a my go-to neighborhood liquor store. It’s close to my house, and the store’s friendly staff and great prices are a winning combination. The cashiers also offer to carry my purchases to the car, which is a nice courtesy in 100-degree heat.

On a recent visit, I asked for recommendations on organic wine as I’ve been worried lately about the amount of pesticides used to grow grapes. (Imports are particularly worrisome, but California wines aren’t exempt.)  An employee directed me to Orleans Hill, which makes a nice combination red called Our Daily Red and a better white called Alexandria. Both ring in under $10 a bottle, and the white is particularly good, combining Muscat and French Colombard into a clean, crisp summer taste.

After selecting two bottles, the cashier asked, “Have you tried Vesica vodka? It’s organic, and it’s got a really cool bottle.”

The vodka’s display stack was intriguing, as the bottles are shaped so they interlock. I found out later that the term “vesica pisces” is an ancient geometric shape tied to religion, math, and science that has to do with intersecting circles. I think that’s very cool, plus the vodka is made from Polish potatoes, triple distilled, and then triple filtered through charcoal. All this gives the vodka a clear, smooth taste that is slightly sweet with a little heat at the finish, making it a perfect vodka for my favorite cocktail, a traditional vermouth martini.

Equally exciting is the price. At the Liquor & Wine Depot, a 750 ML bottle of Vesica vodka is only $12. At that price, you can cook with it and have a cocktail simultaneously.
Liquor & Wine Depot, 756 Mt. Moriah (685-3080)

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