Memphis Pulled Pork Vies for USA Today's Best Iconic American Foods

Memphis pulled pork is one of 20 contenders for the best iconic American food.

 Admittedly, it was a hard call to decide how to cast my vote in USA Today’s Best Iconic American Foods contest. Do I vote for Maryland crabs, the dearly loved crustaceans of my native state, or do I go with my new hometown favorite, Memphis pulled pork?

In the end, I sided with Memphis where I’ve lived for more than 20 years and where I write about food. So should you, no matter what your connection is to the Bluff City. Simply click here to vote and then bookmark the page. You can vote once a day until the contest ends on July 21. Contest results will be announced a few days later.

For the moment, Albuquerque’s green chili sauce tops the list with Memphis coming in at fourth place. Altogether, 20 different cities are included in the contest, representing a tempting list of regional favorites such as fried chicken in Atlanta, shrimp and grits in Charleston, cioppino in San Francisco, pastrami in New York City and key lime pie in Key West.

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