Is It Local? One of Eight Favorite Portlandia Food Spoofs Compiled by "Portland Monthly"

Did you see last week's "Portlandia" episode where Nina's birthday celebration included a spoof on tapas and an inspired directive from the bill hero on how to split the check? Some of the best food porn on television comes spinning out of this Friday night show on IFC thanks to Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and the show's team of very funny writers.


The episode inspired me to do a hunt for more "Portlandia" food clips, and I found a great list compiled by (no surprise) “Portland Monthly” magazine. Click here to watch the magazine's top-eight Portlandia food moments and let me know your favorite.


I'm still partial to the show's “Is It Local?” sketch where the restaurant's server shares a picture of the chicken that ends up on Fred and Carrie's plate. So is Geico. The insurance company debuted this ad titled Piglandia on the season's first episode.


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