Calamari at Majestic Grille: Love It!

Crispy calamari with cherry bell peppers and basil aioli. Yum!

Confession time: My favorite appetizer is crispy calamari. When I eat those little octopus legs, I’m convinced the critters swam directly from the sea to my plate. Skewed reasoning, I know, but the fantasy lets me forget that the tasty morsels are deep-fried.


At Majestic Grille, chunks of warm foccacio bread with a smear of soft butter add injury to insult. Well, not really. Both bread and butter are perfect. Tony and I stopped by Majestic last week and I was reminded, yet again, why I really like the place: comfy booths, draft Fat Tire, and a movie screen where I can watch all the mid-century film beauties without listening to the silly dialogue.


But back to the Majestic's calamari: cornmeal crusted and plated with sautéed cherry peppers and basil aioli for dipping. So good! Throw in Cajun chicken egg rolls, and it’s a bit of Thursday-night heaven on South Main downtown.

The Majestic Grille, 145 S. Main (522-8555)

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