Debbie Meyer Green Bags: They Work!

Maybe you’ve seen the ads for Debbie Meyer Green Bags on late-night television or spotted a box in the back of a kitchen drawer, which is where my Green Bags have been since I received them as a gift. At the time, I was thrilled (mostly for the kitsch value of Debbie‘s photo on the box), but I hadn’t needed the bags until my overly enthusiastic buying at the mid-summer farmer’s markets.

Confession: I’m a produce glutton who can’t possibly keep up with the vegetables I buy, so I called on Debbie’s bags for help. The bags supposedly remove the ethylene gas, which is what accelerates the deterioration of produce. I’m not sure about all that, but the bags definitely helped basil, peppers, sorrel, cilantro, scallions, okra, and greens last at least three or four days longer.

For fun, I checked the online reviews, and they were mixed. There were negative reviews saying the bags were useless for storing bananas and tomatoes, but who in the world stores tomatoes in the fridge? Plus, the bags are cheap (20 bags for less than $4 on and reusable.

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