Raffe's Beer Garden Is Getting a Makeover

Tony and I stopped by Raffe's Deli on Poplar  Saturday to put together a six-pack of singles for dinner and then poked into the Beer Garden in the back to see what was going on. We found out that the bar is closed until Wednesday, when it will reopen with new owners.

Goodbye drapes and Christmas lights, says Maggie Sakaan, whose cousin Basma Lucchesi has purchased the business with her husband, Tony Lucchesi. The couple is coming home after a few years on the West Coast and plans to spruce up the space with new decor and an expanded menu.

"They are adding some family recipes, so it will be Italian and Syrian food," Sakaan said. "Plus they will have wine when they get their license."

It's always fun to wander around Raffe's and check out the fancy beers. For the second time in the same day, I noticed Rogue ales, first on the sandwich board in front of the Imagine Vegan Cafe in Cooper-Young and then at Raffe's, where it was merchandised prominently.
Raffe's Deli and International  Beer Marketi and Raffe's Beer Garden, 3358 Poplar (458-5110)

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