Heirloom Vegetable Plants at Urban Farms

The beds stripped along my side yard look more like burial mounds than vegetable gardens, except for the robust parsley plant that survived through the winter months. The unseasonably warm weather threw me off my gardening game, because I kept waiting for it to get cold. Now my beds are patiently waiting for me to get busy.


Fortunately, I stopped by Urban Farms Market the other day and founds buckets of compost (locally sourced I might add) for $3 each. I bought four. The market, which has opened a garden area behind the grocery, also is selling heirloom vegetable plants and some assorted bedding plants, including Arkansas Travelers, an heirloom tomato that was a good producer for me last summer.  In a remarkable show of restraint, I didn't buy the plants. I've learned the hard way: turn and till, then buy plants, not vice versa.


I did, however, buy some groceries at Urban Farms, including milk from Rock Springs Dairy, greens and a pound of beautiful baby beets. Buying groceries and compost at the same time? It's a beautiful thing.

Urban Farms Market, 2977 Broad (901) 257-9627

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