Shrimp Salad: Making the Most of Leftovers

I hosted our book club Friday, and the next day, I discovered I had been gifted all the leftover shrimp. Lucky me!


Since I also had a gorgeous batch of spring lettuce from local growers, I decided to make a bowl of shrimp salad with other ingredients hiding out in my fridge.

One container of the leftover shrimp had a very light vinaigrette, so I started there, adding more plain shrimp, chopped fresh parsley and chives (lots of it!), two stalks of chopped celery, about a third of a cup of chopped white onion, two or three tablespoons of olive oil mayonnaise, and the juice from two lemons. I was heavy-handed with the pepper, light with the sea salt, and tossed in a little of my new favorite seasoning from Penzeys: California crushed jalapeno. The jalapeno gave the salad a great little kick.

I love making an easy and spontaneous dinner from ingredients on hand. If you’ve had a similar success, please share.

Reader Comments:
Apr 11, 2011 12:15 pm
 Posted by  BluffCityBritt

Never being a fan of traditional mayo (to the point of avoiding ANYTHING that could even possibly contain the substance) I have to say I absolutely LOVE the "new" olive oil based mayonnaise, and will definitely have to give a similar recipe a try!

Apr 12, 2011 08:27 am
 Posted by  Victoria

the shrimp with the light vinaigrette is from Costco's; it's their cilantro-lime shrimp in the deli section. Fantastic.

Apr 14, 2011 01:13 pm
 Posted by  Pamela Denney

I agree about traditional mayo. I had egg salad recently from a favorite deli, but it was so thick with mayo, it was, well, a little disgusting. One of my food goals this year is to try making my own.

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