Memphis Stew: An Introduction

My name is Pamela Denney, and I like to describe myself as a reluctant foodie. For most of my adult life, I was just as happy to eat a cheese sandwich as a gourmet meal. Plus, I hated to cook. My husband, Tony, used to watch me in the kitchen window as he pulled into the driveway after work. “I’d check out how mad you looked fixing dinner,” he’d say.

Happily for all of us, my attitudes changed a few years ago when our daughter decided she was vegetarian. At the same time, I joined a CSA with Whitton Farms and rediscovered seasonal cooking; a throwback, for me, to my childhood in Maryland and the whole foods movement of the early ’70s. (I did, after all, bake bread in my dorm room). These days, I like to come home from work, pour a glass of wine, and get crazy in the kitchen.

In Memphis, we have a food scene that grows more interesting - and more delectable - every day. As a food writer, I am lucky to have a seat at the table, and so can you with our new food blog called Memphis Stew. Our goal is to have fun and learn a little something along the way from the people who love to grow, cook, and eat food in Memphis. If that includes you, please stay in touch. My e-mail is

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