Homemade: Apple Cabbage Slaw

Although I spend too much money, I always enjoy shopping at the Fresh Market because the groceries are merchandised beautifully (love the end stacks) and the free newsletter on the check out counters is fun to read.

Typically, the newsletter's recipes are healthy and easy to make, so this week I tried apple cabbage slaw, a sweet and tangy salad with three main ingredients (purple cabbage, green apples, and green onions) dressed with red wine vinegar, whole grain mustard, and honey. Walnuts are listed as an optional ingredient, but don't skip them. They are a super-food and add a nice heft to the meal.

Another nice feature of this recipe is it's a snap to put together, unless like me, you over-toast the walnuts and have to spend time picking out the burned pieces. Even with a slightly charred flavor, the slaw is a perfect side for burgers or barbecue.

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