Halls of Learning

An overview of schools in the Memphis area.

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Schools for children with a variety of learning challenges

Bodine School (est. 1972)

2432 Yester Oaks Drive, Germantown (38139) • 754-1800
School for students with dyslexia and dyslexia-related reading differences.
Grades: 1-8
Tuition:  $15,645-$17,475
Financial aid: available
Enrollment: 90
Religious affiliation: None

Madonna Learning Center (est. 1969)

7007 Poplar Avenue, Germantown (38138) • 752-5767
Individualized educational services for special needs children and their families. Students represent all disabilities, including Down syndrome, developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and other learning challenges.
Ages: 5-30
Grades: Flexible levels, ungraded classrooms
Tuition: $11,550
Financial aid: available
Enrollment: 55
Religious affiliation: all faiths


Memphis Oral School for the Deaf (est. 1959)

7901 Poplar Avenue, Germantown (38138) • 758-2228
At Memphis Oral School, deaf children are listening and talking. Small class sizes, daily speech therapy, and on-site cochlear implant mapping and therapy work toward this early intervention program’s goal of mainstreaming children into regular education programs. Through “Sound Beginnings,” parents with children under 2 learn from audiologists how to assist their child at home.
Ages: 0-6
Tuition: Sliding fee scale
Financial aid: available
Enrollment: 30
Religious affiliation: None

Phoenix School for Creative Learning (est. 1993)

2404  Arthur Road, Germantown (38138) • 757-4360
Phoenix has an individualized and arts-based learning program for second through twelfth grade students of average or above-average I.Q. Students are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Asperger syndrome and/or other learning disabilities. Social skills therapist available.
Grades: 1-12
Tuition: $9,250  
Financial aid: limited  
Enrollment: 28
Religious affiliation: none

Shady Oaks School (est. 1973)

2000 N. Germantown Parkway, Cordova (38016) • 737-3355
Shady Oaks offers special, individualized instruction for students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Classes are held in a positive environment with  multisensory reading and phonics designed to build self-confidence and prepare students for traditional classroom learning. Tutoring is available.
Grades: 1-8 (ungraded classrooms)
Tuition: $8,000  
Financial aid: limited
Enrollment: 20
Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian


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