Schools of Thought

From reading and math to law and medicine, Memphis area schools have you covered.

Memphis City Schools

2597 Avery Ave. (416-5300)

Shelby County Schools

160 S. Hollywood (321-2500)


The Memphis City Schools optional program gives parents options in selecting a public education that can best fit their children's talents and abilities. Optional elementary programs focus on different approaches to education. These programs enrich, supplement, and broaden the standard school curriculum. Optional programs at the middle school and high school levels are designed to prepare students for college and careers. Optional schools are tuition-free to city residents and accessible to all parts of the city.

There are two types of schools in the Memphis City Schools Optional Program. Most programs exist as a school-within-a-school, which means the optional program is offered in addition to traditional classes or programs.However, ten schools exist primarily as optional schools. Most students who attend these ten schools participate in the optional program. An asterisk (*) designates schools listed as optional only. >>>

Bellevue Middle School

575 S. Bellevue Blvd. (38104) • 416-4488

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — The optional program at Bellevue emphasizes the liberal arts with a focus on honors language arts/English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Electives include conversational Spanish, band, art, computer science, orchestra (strings), choir, teen living, and musical keyboarding.

Grades: 6-8

School enrollment: 519

Dr. William Herbert Brewster Elementary School

2605 Sam Cooper Blvd. (38112) • 416-7150

Enriched Academics — The enriched academics optional program incorporates project-based learning with emphasis on accelerated learning in math, arts, science, and technology. This new facility is equipped with the latest technology, housing 36 classrooms that include music rooms, science and computer labs, a library-media center, and a multipurpose room.

Grades: 1-5

School Enrollment: 585

Brownsville Road Elementary School

5292 Banbury (38135) • 416-4300

Enriched Academics — Students are scheduled into enriched math, science, and language arts classes in which higher-level skills are emphasized. All students receive instruction in computer skills, multimedia presentation, and research.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 657

Central High School

306 S. Bellevue Blvd. (38104) • 416-4500

College Preparatory — The school offers quality academics for college-bound students from across the city, including honors-level courses in all subjects. During the junior and senior years, students may earn college credit through Advanced Placement courses in ten areas. Four years of foreign languages are also available. A new classroom building, gymnasium for 1,500, and state–of-the-art library and science facility round out the school.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 1,737

Colonial Middle School

4778 Sea Isle Road (38117) • 416-8980

Arts and Academics — The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) program focuses on art, vocal music, instrumental music, orchestra, drama, creative writing, dance, and piano. Through the Enriched Academics program, students participate in academically challenging courses in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Field trips, clubs and extracurricular activities create a well-rounded experience.

Grades: 6-8

School enrollment: 1,112

*Cordova Elementary School

750 Sanga Road, Cordova (38018) • 416-1700

Enriched Academics — Innovative teaching and learning strategies, such as the Reading Renaissance/Accelerated Reader program, the Accelerated Math program, and inquiry-based problem solving, along with exploratory classes are used throughout the school. Exploratory classes include computer, physical education, foreign language, Orff, and instrumental music.

Grades: 1-4

School enrollment: 773

*Cordova Middle School

900 N. Sanga Road, Cordova (38018) • 416-2189

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — This academically enriched program builds on Cordova Elementary's foundation. Networked classrooms allow for sharing of innovative educational software. Incorporating audio and video equipment with computer technology allows students to produce multimedia projects.

Grades: 5-8

School enrollment: 1,171

Craigmont High School

3333 Covington Pike (38128) • 416-4312

College Preparatory for International Studies — The international focus at Craigmont is on social studies, arts, language arts, and foreign languages. The program exposes students to issues of international scope to foster understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. Collaborations with Memphis in May, the Chamber of Commerce, and various civic organizations expose students to the international scene.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 1,421

Craigmont Middle School

3455 Covington Pike (38128) • 416-7780

Enriched Academics/International Studies — This middle school offers programs that prepare students to live and work successfully in an increasingly global society and allows them to better understand the cultures and people of the world.

Grades: 6-8

School enrollment: 941

*Delano Elementary School

1716 Delano (38127) • 416-3932

Computer Technology — Technology is integrated throughout the instructional program as students develop skills in the areas of critical thinking, reasoning, communication, reading, writing, and math. Students engage in real-world experiences using multimedia, computer technology, digital cameras, and closed-circuit TV. In 2005, Delano received the U.S. Department of Education "No Child Left Behind" Blue Ribbon Award.

Grades: 1-6

School enrollment: 287

*Double Tree Elementary School

4560 Double Tree (38109) • 416-8144

Montessori/Technology — A modified Montessori school, Double Tree offers concepts like mult-iage grouping, nongraded work, and individualized instruction. Double Tree implements a technology focus for students in grades 4 to 6. Using computers and technology, students communicate ideas and share knowledge with schools throughout the state, nation, and world.

Grades: K-6 (K-3 in Montessori)

School enrollment: 475

Douglass High School

3200 Mt. Olive Road (38108) • 416-0990

Public Service and Communication Arts — Opening in fall 2008, Douglass High School will offer students a unique academic experience in a state-of-the-art learning facility. As the district's newest optional school, Douglass offers expert instruction in the fields of public service and communication arts.

Grades: 9-11 (2008-2009) and 9-12 (2009-2010)

School Enrollment: TBD

Downtown Elementary School

10 North Fourth Street (38103) • 416-8400

Enriched Academics — Downtown Elementary has special emphasis in social studies as well as enrichment in all basic courses. Frequent field trips to business, historical, educational, and cultural sites downtown are part of every child's learning experience. Guest speakers from businesses and civic organizations, as well as parents working and living near the school, enhance each child's learning potential.

Grades: 1-6

School enrollment: 695

East High School

3206 Poplar Ave. (38111) • 416-6160

College Preparatory for Health Sciences/Engineering/Allied Health — East's optional program is designed for students who will pursue careers in health sciences, allied health, computer science, and engineering. The program provides a learning environment that focuses on academic achievement and technology with honors and Advanced Placement courses. Top colleges and universities recruit these students.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 942

Grahamwood Elementary School

3950 Summer Ave. (38122) • 416-5952

Enriched Academics — Students achieve a high level of learning through the challenge of a strong academic program and an experienced and knowledgeable faculty that provides successful learning for all students. Parent involvement plays a vital role.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 894

*Idlewild Elementary School

1950 Linden Ave. (38104) • 416-4566

Science/Technology — The Enriched Science and Technology optional program combines an emphasis on academic excellence with a commitment to making the classroom a challenging, engaging, and productive place.

Grades: K-5

School enrollment: 429

*John P. Freeman Optional School

5250 Tulane Road (38109) • 416-3156

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — Freeman's optional program is designed to stimulate creativity and develop critical thinking. The accelerated academic curriculum is broadened by introducing students to a varied range of cultural activities that stimulate interest and provide a motivating atmosphere for learning while preparing students for high school and beyond.

Grades: 1-8

School enrollment: 644

Keystone Elementary School

4301 Old Allen (38128) • 416-3924

Enriched Academics — Academic programs focus on the basic curricular skills, enhancing the application of learning through an outdoor classroom, as well as science and computer labs, visual art instruction, an Orff music program, and an outstanding library/media center. The U.S. Department of Education identified Keystone as one of the most academically superior schools in Tennessee and the nation.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 634

Kingsbury High School

1270 N. Graham (38122) • 416-6060

Technology/Careers/Military Science — Students learn to integrate math, technology, science and English while focusing on hands-on projects. Students have the opportunity to enroll in two- or four-year colleges or begin a career.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 868

*Lester School

320 Carpenter (38112) • 416-5969

Focused Literacy/Technology/Pre-Engineering — Focused literacy is an instructional concentration designed to raise the level of students' skills in all language arts, including reading comprehension, writing, and conversation. Technology is an integral part of the instructional program; thus students make good use of the computer labs and work stations.

Grades: 1-8

School enrollment: 866

Overton High School

1770 Lanier Lane (38117) • 416-2136

Creative and Performing Arts — Overton provides artistically inclined students the opportunity to pursue intense study in vocal music, instrumental music, music theory, orchestra, dance, drama, visual arts, broadcasting, and creative writing. Students pursue academic studies that will prepare them for a collegiate or professional future.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 1,342

Peabody Elementary School

2086 Young Ave. (38104) • 416-4606

Enriched Academics/International Studies — Peabody provides the traditional MCS curriculum as well as an Enriched Academics optional program, incorporating international studies as a distinguishing feature. It is a multicultural mecca that focuses on interaction with the community.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 439

*Rozelle Elementary School

993 Roland (38114) • 416-4612

Creative and Performing Arts — Instructors at Rozelle use the arts to teach academic subjects as well as to develop students' talents. Artistic talents are enhanced through Encore classes: visual arts, vocal music, strings, drama, creative writing, and dance.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 381

Sherwood Elementary School

1156 Robin Hood (38111) • 416-4864

Enriched Academics — The Academic Enrichment Through the Arts program requires that students read children's classic literature, current books, and periodicals. Problem solving and critical-thinking activities are used to develop students' listening, speaking, observing, and writing skills. Arts Memphis, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, and The Dixon Gallery and Gardens enrich this program.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 665

Snowden School

1870 North Parkway (38112) • 416-4621

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — Snowden offers exciting alternatives for the student who is interested in preparing for college, and who can meet and maintain the academic standards of the school. The rigorous academic schedule is blended with activities that include state-of-the-art computer technology, Spanish, orchestra, Orff music, CLUE, and foreign language.

Grades: 1-8

School enrollment: 1,585

*Springdale-Memphis Magnet Elementary School

880 N. Hollywood St. (38108) • 416-4883

Exploratory Learning — This challenging academic program provides an environment that encourages students to ask questions and find answers. Explore the World through the Eyes of Education is the focus.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 351

*Vollentine Elementary School

1682 Vollintine Ave. (38107) • 416-4632

Individually Guided Education (IGE) — Vollentine's IGE program incorporates a comprehensive support system involving the use of team-teaching, departmentalization, shared decision-making, collaborative planning, heterogeneous grouping, and the use of multilevel, multicultural, and multimedia materials.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 425

Whitehaven High School

4851 Elvis Presley Blvd. (38116) • 416-3000

College Preparatory — Whitehaven offers students a broad scope of opportunities, from a finance program emphasizing career preparation to a college prep program that includes advanced placement classes designed to prepare students for the rigors of college work.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 1,863

White Station High School

514 S. Perkins (38117) • 416-8880

College Preparatory — White Station High has been named to Newsweek's list of top high schools. The optional program is designed to provide a broad liberal arts foundation for college-bound students in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, law, architecture, education, business, and public and social service. Students are accepted to the nation's most competitive universities.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 2,155

White Station Middle School

5465 Mason Rd. (38120) • 416-2184

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — White Station Middle School offers academically enriched instruction in English, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, and foreign languages in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

Grades: 6-8

School enrollment: 1,099

Willow Oaks Elementary School

4417 Willow Rd. (38117) • 416-2196

Enriched Academics — The Willow Oaks curriculum stresses a higher level of learning in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, computer technology, and the arts in an enthusiastic, supportive environment. The school has been named Elementary School of the Year by the Memphis Education Association.

Grades: 1-5

School enrollment: 741

Wooddale High School

5151 Scottsdale (38118) • 416-2440

College Preparatory/Aviation/Travel and Tourism — Wooddale is designed for students seeking a strong, varied liberal arts foundation. The optional program immerses students in English, mathematics, science, and social studies. The aviation/travel and tourism program is an integrated aeronautics curriculum that enhances the study of math, science, engineering, technology, travel and tourism, with emphasis on preparing students for post-secondary education or training in these fields.

Grades: 9-12

School enrollment: 1,823

Wooddale Middle School

3467 Castleman St. (38118) • 416-2420

Enriched Academics/College Preparatory — Wooddale Middle offers an enriched academics program in the areas of language arts/English, mathematics, science and social studies as well as many exploratory classes: health, Facing History and Ourselves, art, choir, conversational Spanish, drama, band, and orchestra.

Grades: 6-8

School enrollment: 1,085


Charter schools are independent public schools of choice. They control their own budget, curriculum, and staffing. Memphis' charter schools maximize students' potential by focusing on specific areas of academic interests and employing creative learning techniques. Charter programs prepare children for college by learning how to function productively in a global and technologically advanced society.

Circles of Success Learning Academy (COSLA)

867 South Parkway East (38106) • 322-7978

Grades: K-5

Enrollment: 140

Sponsor: The Works, Inc.

City University School of Liberal Arts

1500 Dunn (38118) • 775-2219

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 320

Sponsor: The Influence 1 Foundation

Memphis Academy of Health Sciences

3925 Chelsea Ext. (38108) • 382-1441

Grades: 6-9

Enrollment: 400

Sponsor: 100 Black Men of Memphis

Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering (MASE)

Middle school: 20 S. Dudley St. (38103) • 448-6273

High school: 1254 Jefferson Ave.

Grades: 6-12

Enrollment: 550

Sponsor: Memphis Biotech Foundation

Memphis Business Academy

Middle School: 3333 Old Brownsville Road (38134) 380-8176

High School: 2450 Frayser Blvd. (38167) • 358-1651

Grades: 6-9

Enrollment: 340

Sponsor: Memphis Business Academy, Inc.

Promise Academy

1346 Bryan St. (38108) • 324-4456

Grades: K-3

Enrollment: 230

Sponsor: Promise Academy, Inc.

Soulsville Charter School

910 McLemore Ave. (38106) • 942-7627

Located adjacent to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. Provides an academically rigorous, musically rich environment with the mission of fully preparing students both academically and emotionally for college.

Grades: 6-12

Enrollment: 240

Sponsor: Soulsville Foundation

Southern Avenue Charter School of Academic Excellence and Creative Arts

3311 Kimball Ave. (38111) • 743-7335

Grades: K-4

Enrollment: 160

Sponsor: Children's Care and Development Center, Inc.

STAR Academy

3260 James Rd. (38128) • 387-5050

Grades: K-5

Enrollment: 240

Sponsor: Golden Gate Development Corp.


Bornblum Solomon Schechter

6641 Humphreys Blvd. (38120) • 747-2665

Student body: co-ed Grades: 1-8 Tuition: $10,380-$10,700 Enrollment: 200 Student/faculty ratio: 7:1 Religious affiliation: Jewish Briarcrest Christian Schools 6000 Briarcrest (38120) • 765-4600

Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-8 Tuition: $4,095-$10,995 Enrollment: 1,550 Student/faculty ratio: 13:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian Additional locations: 1620 Houston Levee Road (38018) • 737-1356 Grades: PreK-5 10103 Raleigh-LaGrange Road, Eads (38028) • 751-6400 Grades: 9-12 Central Day School 2005 Winchester Blvd., Collierville (38017) • 255-8134

Student body: co-ed Grades: K-8 Tuition: $4,900-$5,500 Enrollment: 360 Student/faculty ratio: 18:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian

Christ Methodist Day School

411 S. Grove Park (38117) • 683-6873

Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-6 Tuition: $2,625-$8,995 Enrollment: 363

Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: United Methodist

Christ the King Lutheran School

5296 Park (38119) • 682-8405

Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-8 Tuition: $2,465-$6,850 Enrollment: 325 Student/faculty ratio: 17:1 Religious affiliation: Lutheran Special ed classes: Plus, Horizons, Discoveries

Christ the Rock Christian Academy

8800 Winchester Road (38125) • 751-7122

Student body: co-ed Grades: K3-8 Tuition: $4,400 Enrollment: 300 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1-20:1 Christian Brothers High School 5900 Walnut Grove (38120) • 261-4900

Student body: male Grades: 9-12 Tuition: $8,100 Enrollment: 890 Student/faculty ratio: 11:1 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Evangelical Christian School

7600 Macon (38018) • 754-7217 Student body: co-ed Grades: 6-12 Tuition: $5,670-$11,000 Enrollment: 1,526 Student/faculty ratio: 14:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian Additional locations: 1920 Forest Hill-Irene (38139) • 754-4420 Grades: Jr.K-5 735 Ridgelake Blvd. (38120) • 683-9013 Grades: Jr.K-5

ECS at Fisherville

11893 Macon Rd., Eads, TN (38028) • 850-9652 Grades: Jr.K-4 (grade levels advance each year to fifth)

Fayette Academy

15090 Highway 64, Somerville, TN (38068) • 465-3241 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK4-12 Tuition: $4,700-$4,900 Enrollment: 800 Student/faculty ratio: 15:1 Religious affiliation: non-denominational

First Assembly Christian School

8650 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova (38018) • 458-5543

Student body: co-ed Grades: Jr. K-12 Tuition: $3,530-$6,978 Enrollment: 790 Student/faculty ratio: 11:1-18:1 Religious affiliation: interdenominational Christian Additional location:

Cordova Learning Center

8229 Rockcreek Parkway (38106) • 384-3816 Grades: Jr. K (ages 2-4) Grace-St. Lukes Episcopal School 246 S. Belvedere (38104) • 278-0200 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-8 Tuition: $6,300-$10,830 Enrollment: 500 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: Episcopal Harding Academy 1100 Cherry (38117) • 767-4494 Student body: co-ed Grades: early childhood ages 2-3, grades 7-12 Tuition: $3,495-$9,645 Enrollment: 1,510 Student/faculty ratio: 14:1 Religious affiliation: Church of Christ Additional locations:

8350 Macon (38018) • 624-0871/757-1008 Early childhood and Kindergarten 8360 Macon (38018) • 624-0522 Grades: 1-6 8220 E. Shelby Dr. (38125) • 755-5662 Grades: Jr.K-6 1106 Colonial (38117) • 767-2093 Grades: Jr.K-6

Hutchison School

1740 Ridgeway (38119) • 761-2220 Student body: female only Grades: preK-12 Tuition: $4,870-$15,350 Enrollment: 915 Student/faculty ratio: 16:1 (elementary-high); 8:1 (early childhood) Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian

Immanuel Lutheran School

6319 Raleigh LaGrange Road (38134) • 388-0205 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK3-8 Tuition: $5,100-$5,500 Enrollment: 215 Student/faculty ratio: 20:1 Religious affiliation: Lutheran

LaGrange Montessori School

21450 Hwy. 57, LaGrange, TN (38046) • 878-1499 Student body: co-ed Grades: 18 mos.-8 Tuition: $5,450 (part-time programs available) Enrollment: 60 Student/faculty ratio: 12:1 Religious affiliation: Presbyterian

Lamplighter Montessori School

8563 Fay Road (38018) • 751-2000 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK3-8 Tuition: $4,300-$11,100 Enrollment: 180 Student/faculty ratio: 12:1 Religious affiliation: non-sectarian

Lausanne Collegiate School

1381 W. Massey (38120) • 474-1000 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-12 Tuition: $10,700-$13,750 Enrollment: 761 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: non-sectarian

Macon Road Baptist School

1082 Berclair (38122) • 682-5420 Student body: co-ed Grades: K4-12 Tuition: $2,500-$4,100 Enrollment: 400 Student/faculty ratio: 25:1 Religious affiliation: Baptist Additional location: Macon Road Baptist School East 11017 Highway 64, Arlington, TN (38002) • 867-8161 Grades: K3-9 (grades advancing up to 12)

Enrollment: 200

Tuition: $4,500-$4,600 Student/faculty ratio: 20:1 Margolin Hebrew Academy - Feinstone Yeshiva of the South 390 S. White Station Road (38117) • 682-2409 Student body: co-ed (preK-8), female only (9-12), males only (9-12) Grades: preK-12 Tuition: $5,900-$14,200 Enrollment: 230 Student/faculty ratio: 4:1 Religious affiliation: Jewish

Maria Montessori School

740 Harbor Bend Road (38103) • 527-3444 Student body: co-ed Grades: 18 mos.-8 Tuition: $5,732-$7,770

Enrollment: 120 Student/faculty ratio: 8:1 Religious affiliation: none

Memphis Junior Academy

50 North Mendenhall (38117) • 683-1061 Student body: co-ed Grades: K-10 Tuition: $2,840-$5,453 Enrollment: 90 Student/faculty ratio: 10:1 Religious affiliation: Seventh Day Adventist

Memphis University School

6191 Park (38119) • 260-1300 Student body: male only Grades: 7-12 Tuition: $15,250 Enrollment: 659 Student/faculty ratio: 10:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian New Hope Christian Academy 3000 University St. (38127) • 358-3183 Student body: co-ed Grades: K-6 Tuition: sliding scale Enrollment: 430 Student/faculty ratio: 14:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian Other location:

New Hope Christian Academy Junior Kindergarten

3277 N. Watkins (38127) K4 program only Enrollment: 60

Presbyterian Day School

4025 Poplar Ave. (38111-6022) • 842-4600 Student body: male only Grades: preK-6 Tuition: $6,690-$13,390 Enrollment: 615 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: Presbyterian Before- and after- school care offered: yes

Rossville Christian Academy

280 High Street, Rossville, TN 38066 • 853-0200 Student body: co-ed Grades: K4-12 Tuition: $4,900-$5,300 Enrollment: 350 Student/faculty ratio: 14:1 Religious affiliation: interdenominational Christian

St. George's Independent School, Germantown

8250 Poplar, Germantown (38138) • 261-2300

Student body: co-ed Grades: K3-5 Tuition: $7,736-$12,894 (scholarship assistance available) Enrollment: 428 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: Judeo-Christian St. George's Independent School, Memphis 3749 Kimball Ave. (38111) • 261-2200 Grades: K3-5 Tuition: $7,736-$12,894 (scholarship assistance available) Enrollment: 136 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: Judeo-Christian

St. George's Independent School, Collierville

1880 Wolf River Blvd., Collierville (38017) • 457-2000 Grades: 6-12 Tuition: $13,982 (scholarship assistance available) Enrollment: 657 Student/faculty ratio 9:1 Religious affiliation: Judeo Christian

St. Mary's Episcopal School

60 Perkins Ext. (38117) • 537-1405 Student body: females only Grades: preK-12 Tuition: $4,300-$15,100 Enrollment: 860 Student/faculty ratio: 10:1 Religious affiliation: Episcopal

SBEC (Southern Baptist Educational Center)

7400 Getwell, Southaven, MS (38672) • (662) 349-3096 Student body: co-ed Grades: K3-12 Tuition: $3,400-$6,900 Enrollment: 1,200 Student/faculty ratio: 15:1 Religious affiliation: Christian

Tipton-Rosemark Academy

8696 Rosemark, Millington (38053) • 829-4221 Student body: co-ed Grades: K4-12 Tuition: $3,995-$6,545 Enrollment: 672 Student/faculty ratio: 14:1-20:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian

Westminster Academy

Ridgeway Baptist Church 2500 Ridgeway Road (38119) • 380-9192 Student body: co-ed Grades: K-12 Tuition: $4,900-$8,700 Enrollment: 370 Student/faculty ratio: 9:1 Religious affiliation: nondenominational Christian

  West Memphis Christian School

1101 N. Missouri Street, West Memphis, AR (72301) • (870) 400-4000

Elementary school (870) 735-0642 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-6 Tuition: preK $3,610; K-6 $4,200-$4,900 (½ day preK offered) Enrollment: 119 Student/faculty ratio: 12:1

Other location:

Jr. and Sr. High School

1101 N. Missouri Street

Grades: 7-12

Tuition: $5,400-$5,900

Enrollment: 132

Woodland Presbyterian School

5217 Park Ave. (38119) • 685-0976 Student body: co-ed Grades: preK-8 Tuition: $4,700-$9,400 Enrollment: 400 Student/faculty ratio: 10:1 Religious affiliation: Presbyterian


The Bodine School

2432 Yester Oaks Dr., Germantown (38139) • 754-1800

School for students with dyslexia and dyslexia-related learning disabilities.

Student body: co-ed

Grade levels offered: 1-8

Tuition: $13,100-$14,900

Enrollment: 85

Student/faculty ratio: 6:1

Madonna Learning Center

7007 Poplar Ave., Germantown (38138) • 752-5767

Individualized educational services for special-needs children and their families. Students represent all disabilities, including Down syndrome, developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and other learning challenges. Preschool program for ages 3 to 5.

Ages: 5-21

Grade levels offered: flexible levels, ungraded classrooms

Tuition: $8,975

Enrollment: 51

Student/faculty ratio: 3:1

Memphis Oral School for the Deaf

7901 Poplar Ave., Germantown (38138) • 758-2228

At Memphis Oral School, deaf children are listening and talking. Small class sizes, daily speech therapy, and on-site cochlear implant mapping and therapy work toward this early intervention program's goal of mainstreaming children into regular education programs. Through "Sound Beginnings," parents with children under 3 learn from audiologists how to assist their child at home.

Ages: 0-6

Tuition: sliding fee scale

Enrollment: 25

Student/faculty ratio: 4:1

Phoenix School for Creative Learning

2404 Arthur Road, Germantown (38138) • 757-4360

Phoenix has an individualized and arts-based learning program for middle and high school students of average or above-average I.Q. Students are diagnosed with ADD and/or other learning disabilities.

Grade levels offered: 6-12

Tuition: $8,500

Enrollment: 35

Student/faculty ratio: 8:1

Religious affiliation: none

Shady Oaks School

2000 N. Germantown Pkwy., Cordova (38016) • 737-3355

Shady Oaks offers special, individualized instruction for students with ADD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties. Classes are held in a positive environment with multi-sensory reading and phonics designed to build self-confidence and prepare students for the traditional classroom. Music, art, and Spanish offered. Tutoring is available.

Grades: 1-8 (ungraded classrooms)

Tuition: $7,500

Enrollment: 36

Student/faculty ratio: 6:1

Religious affiliation: non-denominational Christian

Sister Ruth Ann Center

8250 Varnavas, Cordova (38016) • 260-2898

Serving students ages 15 to 21 with a focus on academic, religious, and social studies. School work also targets pre-vocational and job skill training.

Student body: co-ed

Tuition: $7,000 (projection as of June 2008)

Enrollment: 8

Student/faculty ratio: 1:4



The Catholic Diocese of Memphis administers 29 schools in the Memphis area, serving approximately 8,700 preK to 12th grade students. Tuition for Catholic diocese schools does not include individual school fees. Some schools offer family discounts and scholarships. An asterisk (*) indicates a private, non-diocesean school which sets its own tuition.

Grades K-6 (Catholic students): $3,945

Other: $4,570

Grades 7 & 8 (Catholic): $4,205

Other: $4,845

Grades 9-12 (Catholic): $5,295

Other: $6,245

Bishop Byrne Middle and High School

1475 E. Shelby Drive (38116) • 346-3060

Student body: co-ed

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 290

Student/faculty ratio: 12:1

Church of the Incarnation School

360 Bray Station Road, Collierville (38017) • 853-7804

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-8

Enrollment: 275

Student/faculty ratio: 9:1

De La Salle Elementary @ Blessed Sacrament

2540 Hale Avenue (38112) • 866-9084 (

Student body: co-ed

Grades: K-8

Enrollment: 150

Student/faculty ratio: 12:1

Holy Names Elementary

709 Keel Ave. (38107) • 507-1503

Student body: co-ed

Grades: 3-8

Enrollment: 90

Student/faculty ratio: 15:1

Holy Rosary School

4841 Park Ave. (38117) • 685-1231

Student body: co-ed

Grades: K3-8

Enrollment: 450

Student/faculty ratio: 14:1

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Schools*

(Elementary and Middle)

1669 Central Ave. (38104) • 725-2710

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-8

Tuition: $4,990-$5,670

Enrollment: 280

Student/faculty ratio: 15:1

Immaculate Conception High School

1725 Central Ave. (38104) • 725-2705

Student body: female only

Grades: 9-12

Tuition: $7,220-$8,170

Enrollment: 94

Student/faculty ratio: 10:1

Little Flower School

1666 Jackson Ave. (38107) • 725-9900

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK4-2

Enrollment: 65

Student/faculty ratio: 10:1

Memphis Catholic Middle and High School

61 N. McLean Blvd. (38104) • 276-1221

Student body: co-ed

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 150

Student/faculty ratio: 11:1

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

8151 Poplar Ave., Germantown (38138) • 753-1181

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK2-8

Enrollment: 260

Student/faculty ratio: 15:1

Our Lady of Sorrows School

3690 Thomas St. (38127) • 358-7431

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK4-8

Enrollment: 120

Student/faculty ratio: 13:1

St. Agnes Academy/St. Dominic School*

4830 Walnut Grove Road (38117) • 767-1356

Student body: St. Agnes (female only), St. Dominic (male only)

Grades: preK-12 (girls), preK-8 (boys)

Tuition: $5,820-$11,015

Enrollment: 895 (girls and boys)

Student/faculty ratio: 10:1

St. Ann School - Bartlett

6529 Stage Road (38134) • 386-3328

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-8

Enrollment: 625

Student/faculty ratio: 23:1

St. Anne Catholic School

670 South Highland Ave. (38111) • 323-1344

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-8 (now offering 2-yr.-old preK)

Enrollment: 140

Student/faculty ratio: 15:1 (max. 21:1)

St. Augustine School

1169 Kerr Ave. (38106) • 942-8002

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK4-6

Enrollment: 165

Student/faculty ratio: 22:1

St. Benedict at Auburndale*

8250 Varnavas, Cordova (38016) • 260-2840

Student body: co-ed

Grades: 9-12

Tuition: $6,950-$7,750

Enrollment: 1,000

Student/faculty ratio: 14:1

St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School

2100 Germantown Parkway, Cordova (38016) • 388-7321

Student body: co-ed

Grades: K4-8

Enrollment: 980

Student/faculty ratio: 14:1

St. Joseph School

3851 Neely Road (38109) • 344-0021

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK3-6

Enrollment: 188

Student/faculty ratio: prek-K3: 16:2, K4-K5: 20:2, grades 1-6: 22:1

St. John School

2718 Lamar Ave. (38114) • 743-6700

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK3-6

Enrollment: 190

Student/faculty ratio: 12:1

St. Louis School

5192 Shady Grove Road (38117) • 682-9692

Student body: co-ed

Grades: K-8

Enrollment: 500

Student/faculty ratio: 20:1

St. Michael Parish School

3880 Forrest Ave. (38122) • 323-2162

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-8

Enrollment: 190

Student/faculty ratio: 11:1

St. Paul School

1425 E. Shelby Drive (38116) • 346-0862

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-6

Enrollment: 300

Student/faculty ratio: 15:1

St. Patrick School

277 South Fourth St. (38126) • 521-3252

Student body: co-ed

Grades: preK-4 (grade levels advance each year to sixth)

Enrollment: 120

Student/faculty ratio: 8:1


Tuition levels are subject to change.


Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law University of Memphis

3715 Central Ave. (38152) • 678-2421

Since its inception, the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law has graduated over 4,500 students who have assumed positions of responsibility and prominence as lawyers, judges, and public officials in all 50 states.

Enrollment: 420

Faculty: 23 full-time

Tuition: $11,412-$30,598/year

Housing: $7,885/year

Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway South (38104) • 321-3000

Christian Brothers University (1871) awarded the first college degree in Memphis in 1875. A private, coed Catholic university, CBU offers bachelors' degrees in liberal arts, sciences, business, education, and engineering. Masters' degrees are offered in business administration, engineering management, education, executive leadership, and Catholic studies. U.S. News and World Report ranks CBU among the top 20 Best Southern Universities and the Princeton Review lists CBU among the Best Southeastern Colleges and Universities.

Enrollment: 1,800

Faculty: 94 full-time

Tuition: Undergraduate: $22,080/year; Graduate: $330-625/credit hour

Housing: $2,040-$6,080/year

LeMoyne-Owen College

807 Walker (38126) • 435-1000

LeMoyne-Owen (1862) is one of the nation's oldest historically black institutions. A private, coed college, LeMoyne-Owen offers four-year degrees in 21 academic disciplines.

Enrollment: 650

Faculty: 105 (full- and part-time)

Tuition: $10,098/year

Housing: $2,542/year

Memphis College of Art

Overton Park, 1930 Poplar Ave. (38104) • 272-5100

Memphis College of Art (1936) is dedicated to excellence in art and design education. Degree programs include a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Art in Teaching, and Master of Art in Art Education.

Enrollment: 340

Faculty: 45

Tuition: $21,000/year

Housing: 108 dorm rooms available, $3,900-$5,950/year

Northwest Community College, DeSoto Center

5197 W.E. Ross Parkway, Southaven, MS (38671)


4975 Highway 51 N., Senatobia, MS (38668) (main campus) (662)562-3222

Northwest Mississippi Community College

serves students at four locations: the main campus in Senatobia, DeSoto Center in Southaven and Olive Branch, and Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center at Oxford. The college offers courses for academic transfer to four-year colleges and universities and more than 40 career-technical programs. Northwest awards an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Applied Science degree, and a career certificate.

Enrollment: 6,700

Faculty: 375 (full- and part-time)

Tuition: $1,700/full-time, in-state; $3,700/full-time, out-of-state/year

Housing: $580-$1,250/year (Senatobia only)

Rhodes College

2000 North Parkway (38112) • 843-3000

Rhodes College (established in 1848) has earned a national reputation as one of the country's top liberal arts colleges. Rhodes offers 24 departmental majors as well as eight interdisciplinary majors and 35 minors. The college grants a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Science in Accounting.

Enrollment: 1,700

Faculty: 175 (full- and part-time)

Tuition: $32,136/year

Housing, room and board: $7,842

Southwest Tennessee Community College

737 Union (38103) / 5983 Macon Cove (38134) • 333-5000

Southwest includes two main campuses and numerous centers throughout the Mid-South. The college offers 39 programs for career studies and transfer degrees, 37 two-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees, and more than 40 areas of interest in traditional university transfer programs. Southwest also offers one-year Academic Certificate and Technical Certificate Programs in 28 areas.

Enrollment: 10,616

Faculty: 235 full-time; 381 adjunct

Tuition: $125/credit hour in-state; $449/credit hour out-of-state

Housing: n/a

Union University — Germantown

2745 Hacks Cross Road (38138) • 759-0029

Union University's Germantown campus is a satellite of the main campus in Jackson, Tennessee. Union — Germantown offers bachelor's degrees in nursing and organizational leadership; master's degrees in education, nursing, and business administration, and Christian studies; and a doctorate of education.

Enrollment: 831

Faculty: 36

Tuition: $265-$445 per credit hour

Housing: n/a

University of Memphis (U of M)

Central Avenue (38152) • 678-2000

The U of M (established in 1912) offers 15 bachelor's degrees in more than 50 majors and 70 concentrations, master's degrees in 46 fields, and doctorates in 21 fields. The graduate school also offers an education specialist degree and law degree (J.D.).

Enrollment: 20,379 total (15,802 undergraduates)

Faculty: 850 full-time

Tuition: (in-state/out-of-state): $5,802/$16,603 (undergraduate); $6,990/$17,818 (graduate)/year

Housing: dormitories: $2,870-$5,000/year; apartments/townhouses: $5440-$5610/year

Other location:

The University of Memphis — Carrier Center

500 Winchester, Collierville (38017) • 678-5515

The University of Mississippi, DeSoto Center

5197 W.E. Ross Parkway, Southaven, MS (38671) • (662) 342-4765

Bachelor's degrees are offered in accountancy, business, elementary and secondary education, criminal justice, paralegal studies, health sciences, social work, and liberal arts. The center also offers master's degrees in accounting, elementary and higher education, educational leadership, and nursing.

Enrollment: 800

Faculty: 15 resident, 60 adjunct

Tuition: (in-state / out-of-state per year) undergraduate: $2,553 / $6,234; graduate: $2,551 / $6,232


Baptist College of Health ScienceS

1003 Monroe Ave. (38104) • 575-BCHS

Baptist College of Health Sciences is a specialized private, degree-granting undergraduate college offering general studies and professional education courses. Bachelor's degrees are offered in nursing, respiratory care, diagnostic medical sonography, nuclear medicine technology, medical radiography, radiation therapy, and health-care management. Baptist College offers completion programs for RN to BSN and respiratory care along with weekend and evening programs.

Enrollment: 920

Faculty: 117 full-time, 77 part-time and adjunct

Tuition: $274/credit hour

Housing: $900-$1,600/trimester

Methodist University Schools of Radiological and Imaging Sciences

1211 Union Ave. (38104) • 516-8099

Methodist offers three programs: a 2-year Radiologic Technology school progam, a 15-month Nuclear Medicine Technology program (for RTs only), and a 15-month General Diagnostic Medical Sonography program (two-year Allied Health graduate or BS required).

Radiologic Technology School

Tuition: $5,000 plus books

Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

Tuition: $5,000 plus books

General Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Tuition: $6,500 plus books

Southern College of Optometry

1245 Madison Ave. (38104) • 722-3200

Founded in Memphis in 1932, this college is one of only 17 optometry colleges in the nation. Students pursue a four-year, post-baccalaureate program leading to a Doctor of Optometry degree.

Enrollment: 483

Faculty: 55

Tuition: $17,488/year for regional students; $22,488 per year for non-regional students

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

920 Madison Ave. (38163) • 448-5500

The UT Health Science Center (UTHSC), founded in 1911, is Tennessee's flagship statewide academic health system and one of the largest academic health science centers in the United States. The Memphis campus includes the Colleges of Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. UTHSC offers four undergraduate and 20 graduate or professional degrees. Enrollment: 2,687

Faculty: 1,189 paid; 207 term paid; 2,160 volunteer

Tuition: $4,960-$18,800/year in-state; $12,290-$43,470/year out-of-state

Housing: $5,160/semester


Crichton College

255 N. Highland (38111) • 320-9700

A four-year Christian liberal-arts college, Crichton offers a day program as well as an accelerated evening program for the working adult and awards Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Enrollment: 1,080

Faculty: 40 full-time, 45 part-time

Tuition: $445/credit hour (1-11 credit hours); $5,340/semester (12-16 credit hours)

Housing: $3,950-$7,900/year

Harding University Graduate School of Religion

1000 Cherry Ave. (38117) • 761-1356

A branch of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, Harding offers five graduate degrees, including a Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry, and a Master of Arts degree in counseling.

Enrollment: 224

Faculty: 9 full-time, 6 part-time

Tuition: $520/credit hour

Housing: One- and two-bedroom apartments and townhouses ranging from $260-$720/month

Memphis Theological Seminary

168 East Parkway, South • 458-8232

Owned and operated by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Memphis Theological Seminary is a graduate professional school granting three degrees: Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry, and Master of Arts in Religion. Enrollment: 306

Faculty: 19 full-time, 31 part-time

Tuition: $325/credit hour

Housing: available

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

2095 Appling Road, Cordova (38016) • 751-8453

Mid-America offers nine fully accredited degrees: Associate and Master of Arts in Christian Education, Associate and Master of Divinity, Master of Missiology, Doctor of Ministry, and Doctor of Philosophy. The seminary emphasizes Bible-preaching, evangelism, and missions, and focuses on training pastors, church leaders, and missionaries.

Enrollment: 450

Faculty: 24 full-time, plus adjunct and visiting teachers

Tuition: approximately $3,600/year (full-time)

Housing: $465-$635/month; one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments available


Christian College

3097 Knight Road • 375-4400

The school offers four degrees: Associate, Bachelor of Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Christian Education, and Master of Christian Ministry. The college also offers certificates in Bible and Christian ministry.

Enrollment: 60

Faculty: 12

Tuition: $115/credit hour, or $1,840/semester (trimester)

Housing: $1,600-2,400/year


University of Tennessee-Knoxville, College of Social Work

(Memphis Location)

Boling Center, 711 Jefferson Ave., Room W607 (38163) • 448-4463

This college offers a two-year program granting a master's degree in social work; a part-time program granting a master's degree in social work; and an advanced standing program leading to the master's in social work degree for select applicants.

Enrollment: 150

Faculty: 8 full-time, part-time varies

Tuition: $6,720 in-state

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