Who's Who

Every year, it seems, dozens of Memphians keep our city in the national spotlight, while others stay busy doing good — even great — deeds at home. And every year, it becomes harder and harder to pin down those 100 or so people who deserve to make this select list, but this year's Who's Who of politicians, business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and physicians represents our city's best and brightest. Readers won't always agree with our final selection, but we think the following pages are a good overview of the many talented people who have decided to call Memphis home. And we are all better for it.

In addition to the regular Who's Who, we have two special categories. The list begins with our "Hall of Fame" — a special tribute to those 11 Memphians who have been elected to our Who's Who every year since the feature's premiere in 1984.

We also salute those Memphians who no longer call Memphis home, but have made a name for themselves far and wide as "Out-of-Towners." Regardless of where they may reside, we will always consider them our own. And they are welcome back here anytime.