Home and Garden

Dust Busting

A central vacuum system offers plenty of advantages, whether you're cleaning your home or your horses. Yes, horses.

Cut a Rug

A new carpet tile company puts an end to boring flooring.

Orchid Mania

Green thumbs create splendor in the glass.

Cellar Dweller

Housing fine wine requires the same attention to detail as selecting a premium bottle

Got You Covered

An old favorite returns with a bold new look.

Bathing Beauty

Tired of your ugly tub or old shower? Don't yank them out. Just cover them up.
When your home was first built, the porcelain tub gleamed, the ceramic tiles glistened, and the whole bathroom looked spic-and-span.

Take it or Leaf It

Solutions for miles of piles.

Poured and Scored

Looking for a durable floor? Stained concrete can be hard to beat--and beautiful, too.

Hang It Up

Outdated closets? There's remedy in design.

Home Training

Creating the perfect home gym is no sweat- with a little help from the pros.