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Ask Vance

Looney Zoo
April 1, 2014

The Crying Angel

What is the story of the “Crying Angel” — a terrifying creature that supposedly roams a patch of woods near Millington?
January 1, 2014

Cap’n Bill

Ask Vance
November 1, 2013

Last Known Survivor of 1925 M.E. Norman Steamboat Disaster Dies in Memphis

The rescue of Leroy Hidinger and 25 others made Tom Lee a national hero.
October 22, 2013

The 1949 Grand Opening of Lowenstein's East

Lowenstein's was the anchor store for the first major shopping center built outside downtown.
October 20, 2013

The Goat Gland Doctor

Ask Vance
October 1, 2013

New Book — "Vance Lauderdale's Lost Memphis" — Is Now Available!

This year's special Memphis magazine gift subscription offer.
September 25, 2013

The William R. Moore Cottage Mystery

What happened to the cottage built by William R. Moore students in the 1940s?
September 11, 2013

Russwood Park's Early Days as Red Elm Bottoms

The origins of old Russwood Park, our city's baseball stadium that burned in 1961.
August 30, 2013

Rare Footage of the Chickasaw Ordnance Works Ruins Near Millington

A 1960s home movie shows the ruins of the Chickasaw Ordnance Works gunpowder plant near Millington.
August 28, 2013
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