Home and Garden

Breaking New Ground

Here’s an inside look at one Memphian’s post-modern dream home.

They Can Dig It

Community gardens give power to the people. Here’s a look at individuals who sow and reap the harvest.

Tropical Splendor

The Fred Montesi house and garden is one of six on Central Gardens tour.

Lustron Living

Sixty years ago, a Chicago company offered prefab homes acclaimed as "a model for living." Three of them are still standing in Memphis. Meet one of the owners.

Start Me Up

Fireplaces are hot, but without proper maintenance, you could get burned.

The Lights Fantastic

Over the top is par for the course for this Bartlett family.

Glowing in Popularity

Even in the South, families are gathering around outdoor fireplaces.

It's Only Natural

Hummingbirds and other creatures find sanctuary at Strawberry Plains.

Gift House

A historic home and its former owner help a local nonprofit preserve the city's past.

Iron Man

A musician-turned-blacksmith finds his niche.