FedEx at Forty: Kathy Morton

The captain of the ship.

FedEx at Forty: Mollie Swindle

The fine art of customer service.

FedEx at Forty: Michael Ducker

Thriving on passion and drive.

FedEx at Forty: Ricky Moore

This guy delivers.

FedEx at Forty: Home Is Where the Heart Is

From local efforts to global endeavors, FedEx believes in making the world a better place.

FedEx at Forty: Night Moves

Boots on the ground at the FedEx World Hub.

FedEx at Forty: Peaks & Valleys

A brief history of FedEx stock.

FedEx at Forty: At FedEx, Say Hello to the Next 40 Years

A major revamp reshapes the company, lays the foundation for how it does business in the twenty-first century, and bows to present and future realities.

FedEx at Forty: Fred Smith's Million Dollar Dream Machine

Excerpts from Memphis magazine's 1978 cover story on FedEx.

FedEx at Forty: How It All Began

Three of the company's earliest employees recall how FedEx got off the ground.