April 2013

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In This Issue

FedEx at Forty: Brand Ex

FedEx has become one of the best known brand names in the world, and it didn't happen overnight.

FedEx at Forty: Home Is Where the Heart Is

From local efforts to global endeavors, FedEx believes in making the world a better place.

FedEx at Forty: Introduction

FedEx at Forty: David Lange

Having a whale of a time.

FedEx at Forty: Peaks & Valleys

A brief history of FedEx stock.

An Exhilarating Journey

Changing the World: A Short History of the Air Cargo Industry.

FedEx at Forty: Shannon Brown

The power of people.

FedEx at Forty: Night Moves

Boots on the ground at the FedEx World Hub.

Cordova's New Cucina

Fine fare in suburbia is knocking on the door of Memphis' burgeoning dining scene, and one family trattoria is at the fore.

Brights of Spring

FedEx at Forty: Michael Ducker

Thriving on passion and drive.

Up In The Air...

In The Beginning

FedEx at Forty: Kathy Morton

The captain of the ship.

FedEx at Forty: Mollie Swindle

The fine art of customer service.

FedEx at Forty: At FedEx, Say Hello to the Next 40 Years

A major revamp reshapes the company, lays the foundation for how it does business in the twenty-first century, and bows to present and future realities.

Triple Play

Fathers and sons, Horse People, and dog days.

The Russwood Park Fire

Ask Vance

FedEx at Forty: Ricky Moore

This guy delivers.

When “Things Ain't Fine”

Illness and grief lend special meaning to this spirited folk-country debut album.

FedEx at Forty: Pushing Boundaries

FedEx innovators lead the way in bold advances.

FedEx at Forty: Fred Smith's Million Dollar Dream Machine

Excerpts from Memphis magazine's 1978 cover story on FedEx.

FedEx at Forty: How It All Began

Three of the company's earliest employees recall how FedEx got off the ground.

What Fred Said

Quotes and Comments from FedEx CEO Fred Smith over the years.
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