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April 2008

In This Issue


Full Circle?

Price Points

What makes a bottle worth the extra money?

Reign Check

The year Cotton Carnival took a backseat to tragedy

31 Hours, 28 Minutes

A timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King's last hours in Memphis

Staff Pick: The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph, and the Vietnam War

Current Events

Quality cuisine in a riverside setting makes for a winning combination

Shelf Life

The Crucible

The National Civil Rights Museum: from scarred to sacred ground

Martin Luther King: The Man, The Mountaintop

Filo Chicken Rolls

This big Greek recipe is courtesy of Angelo D. Liollo Jim's Place

The Strike Zone


Tired of "playing by the rules," the invaders- Memphis' version of the Black Panthers - adopted a more militant approach to the movement. But did it work?

Cover Story

Stax puts its spin on Motown. The result? Soul, man.

Minority Report

Poetically Speaking

Beth Ann Fennelly: in Oxford, for good.

Getting Ahead

News Bites

The Lions in Winter

Ten Civil Rights pioneers take us back to the dark days of April 1968.

The Uncertainty of Hope

Johnnie Turner