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April 2008

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Martin Luther King: The Man, The Mountaintop

Reign Check

The year Cotton Carnival took a backseat to tragedy

Filo Chicken Rolls

This big Greek recipe is courtesy of Angelo D. Liollo Jim's Place

Poetically Speaking

Beth Ann Fennelly: in Oxford, for good.

The Crucible

The National Civil Rights Museum: from scarred to sacred ground

The Lions in Winter

Ten Civil Rights pioneers take us back to the dark days of April 1968.

News Bites

Price Points

What makes a bottle worth the extra money?

Minority Report

31 Hours, 28 Minutes

A timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King's last hours in Memphis

Staff Pick: The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph, and the Vietnam War

Current Events

Quality cuisine in a riverside setting makes for a winning combination

Full Circle?

Cover Story

Stax puts its spin on Motown. The result? Soul, man.

The Strike Zone

Getting Ahead

The Uncertainty of Hope


Tired of "playing by the rules," the invaders- Memphis' version of the Black Panthers - adopted a more militant approach to the movement. But did it work?

Johnnie Turner

Shelf Life