April 2007

In This Issue

Franklin Speaking

Enigmatic roots musician Ron Franklin on Chuck Berry, early influences, and his latest album "City Lights."

April 2007 Backtalk

What's It Gonna Take?

Tuna with Apple Hash

Beauty Shop's Chef Shaggy Duffee and Karen Carrier Share a springtime favorite.

2007 Fiction Contest Rules

By the Numbers

About a Boy

On the not-so-secret life of a "Mississippi sissy."

Life Savers

Capturing your family history is a phone call away.

Immigrant Nation

The city known for exporting its culture comes to grips with a new generation of outside influences.

The Young & Restless

What good is attracting bright young workers if we can't hold on to them?

News Bites

Pappy's Place

Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.

Q&A: Claudia Barr



Taste Test

Navigate a large wine tasting like a pro.

John Daly vs. Loren Roberts

Dream 'Birds

Behind the Scenes

When the fine print becomes hot news.

The Eyes Have It

A special technique helps patients move past trauma.

Green Ways

It ain't easy bein' eco-conscious, though it pays in the long run.

History in the (Re)Making

For one design-build specialist, everything old is new again.

High Flyer

After three years in the hot seat as city attorney, Sara Hall takes on fresh challenges at the Airport Authority -- with time (she hopes) for her family.

A New Shade of Blue

Try Blue Nile's Ethiopian cuisine for a taste -- and experience -- of the exotic.