April 2006

In This Issue

Magazines vs Newspapers

Spirit of '76

It was 1976, and the decline of Memphis had ended. Unfortunately, it was because we had hit rock bottom.

Gulf Shrimp Escabeche

A fresh, flavorful dish for spring provided by chef Gary Hawkins at Lolo's Table

Q & A Fred Woodward

Encore Performance

Culinary icon Jose Gutierrez simplifies his style.

Green Pieces

New CD releases capture the idiosyncratic spirit of Al Green

Winging It

Promised Land

Of King and Country, from Montgomery to Memphis

Backtalk April 2006

Letters to the Editor

Art Appreciation

Optical Illusions

Smoke and Lasers

Is the latest kick-the-habit craze legit?

The New 30


Former writers and editors reflect on the magazine they helped shape.

30 in 30

Thirty moments that defined the city 1976-2006

Crystal Question

The Collector's Addition

Starting a wine collection, from the ground up